A Review: Going in person

Andrea Rau
2 min readMar 3, 2021

Schools around the country are going fully in-person today. At my school we are on a block schedule with 5 lunches. The school day starts at 7:45 whereas a week ago the pm students would start at 11:45. This drastic change has upset many peoples sleep schedules and have led to many tired students. Additionally, eating schedules are messed up, the am students would eat after school whenever they wanted to, but the pm students (those I know) wouldn’t eat before coming to school and would wait until 3:00 after school. Now there are lunches starting from 11:05 to 12:55, this is causing some people to eat at 11:05 one day and 12:55 the next. I think that that two hour gap will cause some people to be unable to eat at school. However, this does give us a lot more time to work and socialize in class.

With all the weird kinks of school having been worked out after the first few days I can confidently say that the Hybrid schedule that schools had been on is better than being in person. I think that sending us back was meant to make the school year seem a little bit more normal but, we don't have our normal lunch and the lunch we do have is depressing. I appreciate that we are now able to see everyone at school but it also causes a lot of concerns Covid wise. The hallways are packed and there are lines for the bathrooms and we all have to take off our masks to eat.

All in all I am grateful for the opportunity to see my peers again but there are too many concerns that aren't being taken seriously for me to fully love being in person at school.