My review of Gigi Hadid's pasta

Andrea Rau
2 min readFeb 22, 2021


One of my mom’s favorite pastimes is making food her picky eater of a daughter won’t eat. Due to that I need to make myself a dinner different from everyone elses. Here recently I decided I would try to make Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodka pasta as it seemed to be quite popular.

Here is the recipe I used from Grazia Magazine:

The pasta turned out to be quite easy to make and the recipe is very easy to follow. It took around twenty minutes to make although it would be quicker if you start the noodles at the same time you start the sauce.

I made two modifications while making this pasta that may have affected it: 1.I didn’t add any Vodka, yes it is a vodka sauce but I wasn’t allowed to add it 2. I added way more garlic than is called for, I do think this was for the better as I love garlic but that may not be for everyone.

Overall I would give this pasta a 7/10 rating. I liked the flavor of the sauce and the simplicity of it. However it did give me heartburn so I would recommend taking medicine before eating in order to prevent that. Additionally the sauce was not as creamy as I was hoping it would be so I would add more pasta water and butter the next time. Other than those two things I think the pasta turned out quite well, my sister had it the next day and also liked it!

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