The little things that make me happy

This is the first blog of many to come so I feel like it may be fitting to introduce myself before I get into a list of little things that make me happy. My name is Andie Rau, I am a photographer, a debater and the Treasurer of Student Council at my school. In my free time I enjoy reading and watching Tik Toks, but the are many other little things everyday that spark some happiness in my life.

1. When it storms at school

2. Driving at night

3. Watching my fish swim around

4. Making playlists

5. Making food and deserts

6. Late night showers

7. Green kitchens

Dakota Johnson’s kitchen

8. Reading and my bookshelf

9. Getting coffee

10. Pinterest cakes

Whether you go out and buy a fish, shower super late, or go on a pinterest journey looking at cakes or kitchens I hope that this list has inspired anyone reading to enjoy life's little excitements. I find them better than a surprise present or vacation anyways.



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